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Sherwyn is the code mastermind, Justin makes sure our drones actually fly, and Ben wraps a user interface around it all. The following video was an app test with our very first prototype.

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The drone is under complete control from the app, movements like these are extremely difficult to do with a manual controller. We take every pledge seriously, and in return, we will pledge our commitment to every backer. We commit to providing continuous communication. Through monthly updates and regular online forums, we will provide short presentations on progress.

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This is also a time for us to gather valuable feedback and answer your questions. We are also staggering the release of our models to help ensure a timely delivery.

Our commitment is to treat each and every backer not as a customer, but as a partner. The biggest hurdle for Ares is timing. We have been moving at an extremely fast pace and are confident that we can continue to do so. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen, and challenges will arise.

The largest challenge will be maintaining our rigorous delivery schedule. When faced with obstacles we will do what we do best: communicate and problem-solve. We will keep our backers up-to-date every step of the way and maintain an upfront and honest line of communication. Thank you for helping us make Ares a reality. We've got a page on our website with your name on it..

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As an honored backer, you'll not only have a spot on our wall of fame, but an epic Ares Drones t-shirt as well. As an Ares Aviator you'll have a spot on our wall of fame, an Ares branded t-shirt, and a pair of Ares customized Aviator sunglasses. No pilot should be without a quality pair of polarized aviators As an Ares Advisor we will set you up with an individual video conference with the Ares founders. We want to hear your ideas regarding drone design, feature requests, new products Backers at this level will be named in the Ares app and website as company advisors. You will also get all the swag, of course.

With this reward you will get an Ares One complete with gimbal. Just attach your GoPro and it's ready to fly. Already own a GoPro and want to use the Ares Drone and app, with this reward you will get an AresOne complete with gimbal, attach your GoPro and it's ready to fly.

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Everything you need to fly right out of the box! With this reward you will get an Ares HD ready to fly and record High Definition content right out of the box! This Ares Drone comes complete with an integrated camera with stabilization. This drone will also work with future Ares Pro apps. With this reward you will get an Ares HD ready to fly and record right out of the box! Jimmer gives Vale the alias "Ares Enduwa" and presumably frees him so that he may carry out his revenge.

About a year prior to the events of The Fist of Mars , Ares had already worked on Bonaparte III for four months, and meets Cage when the latter notices him playing a digital piano in the ship's lobby. Initially, Ares felt irked by Cage's intrusion, but eventually gave in and found himself, much to his own surprise, becoming Cage's friend and looking after him. Ares would also show Cage the ropes of his new workplace, and fellow Bonaparte staff dubbed the unlikely pair "The Eighth Wonder of Bonaparte". Shortly after he exposes Lewy for trying to steal change from Cage, Ares causes the Bonaparte to self-destruct in order to get back at Zephyrs for killing his parents and for experimenting on him and the other orphans.

Kit and motors for the automation of sliding gates up to 1500 kg

Ares hijacks Iblis and pilots it to carry out his revenge. Much to his surprise, he finds himself fighting the then-unnamed Animus , believing that his sister had come to stop him, but becomes even more surprised that Cage was actually piloting the Frame. Ares would later be responsible for much of BIS's plans, running the Vjaya and disabling the bombs in Pandora Frettum 's orphanage before Ned has a chance to set them off.

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While in BIS, he also finds significance in Phil 's jealousy of Cage, though his results in playing upon this jealousy vary depending on the path the player takes. Ares is revealed to be alive, however, and spearheads BAHRAM's plans, while secretly attempting an explosion with the Marlblanke Dite in order to wipe out a significant amount of the Martian populace. He also reveals Phil's betrayal to the group, but jams the escape on the cockpit of his Grafficane while rigging it to explode after Phil is defeated.

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Ares reveals Myona in a Nerokerubina and has her fire a Marlblanke beam, demonstrating its destructive capacity. In less than one year, L.

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Turbine engineers took a product concept and delivered the ARES Turboexpander line—engineered, crafted, assembled and tested it—all within the walls of L. It is a natural choice for EPCs and operators looking to capitalise on the current and future growth of the US gas processing industry.

Together, we have provided an innovative technology solution that gives gas processing plants multiple advantages.

alternativelandscapes.ca/modules/3735.php Siemens announces new core engines for its TB product line, first introduced for commercial application in Month on month, the gas world website is the market-leading news portal for the global industrial gas sector, growing at an unprecedented rate and keeping its readers at the forefront of breaking news, insightful analysis and must-see features across the industry. Launched in and continually evolving, it is the only independent online news, views and intelligence portal for the global industrial gas community and the larger end-user markets — and home to the ever-increasing range of gas world platforms.

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