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Zoey the chicken wants to be a teacher, so she invites her farm friends to join her in a new school. Animal imaginations run wild as Zoey introduces her new students to all the fun that learning has to offer. This was a favorite in our house before our son started kindergarten.

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Charlie knows that his little sister Lola does not want to go to school. But when Charlie reassures her that she can bring her imaginary friend with her, Lola decides she might be willing to try it after all. Anyone who has ever had a meltdown at school will appreciate how Llama Llama feels when he starts missing his mama on the first day of school. Thankfully, good friends, a kind teacher, and the knowledge that his mama always comes back will help him get through the day.

Harper and Nancy M. Mother Raccoon knows just what that is and her secret will give Chester Raccoon the courage he needs on his first day of school. We used this in our family too, and I promise, it works. Milk Goes to School by Terry Border. Get ready for puns galore!

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As one determined and confident milk carton goes to school, she learns important lessons in her classroom, including how to make lots of new friends. Brightly is a resource to help make it a little easier, and a lot more fun, for parents to raise kids who love to read.


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Whenever there was a big group in the veranda, one could always hear laughter, bantering and even silly, corny but clean jokes, I know, I was there on many of the gatherings. I even joined in the card group games. Visit of one suitor for one maiden was not as fun — for the rest of us, that is. No games were played. The veranda was on the quiet side. Serious conversations were hard to interrupt.

My journey through mamahood

And of course, this very young girl was not in the mix. Then, my turn to be the young lady of the house. My older sisters had either gotten married and moved away or were at the university in another city.

Mama Lola by Karen McCarthy Brown l Summary & Study Guide

No dating for me when I was staying at home in the province. The tradition continued.

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Courtships for me happened in the veranda. When suitors visited at the same time, I found the conversations more interesting and lighthearted, and even more intellectually stimulating. I guess the suitors were competing for impression of intelligence or glibness. Papa occasionally joined in the conversations whenever he felt like being nice or interrogatory to my suitors.

"Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess In Brooklyn" Ethnography Final For School

Mama, on the other hand, sometimes stayed on the other side of the veranda, poring over the lesson plan for her classes — and for all I know, listening to our conversation. As I got older, Papa and Mama stayed out of the veranda, just left us alone with little interruptions. But they always volunteered side critiques of the visitors after they left.

I was off to the university in Manila for graduate studies. Mama related to me that when that sister was in high school, boys came to the house to court. Dating was still not allowed then.

ANTHRO 3AC introduction to cultural anthropology

The boys would climb the veranda stairs, knock on the top step, and ask for the young lady of the house. Mama, often seated at one corner of the veranda, poring as usual over her books and lesson plan, would point to the sampaloc tamarind tree. I remember that tall tree so well, stalwart and shady with olive green tiny leaves clustered around twigs jutting from thick branches and with brown long fruit pods hanging from the branches.

My youngest sister loved to climb that sampaloc tree from the veranda window, and sat on a sturdy branch, reached for the pods, cracked them open for the ripe sour fruit. And of course, they also bring to mind the sweet and loving greeting cards and gifts my late husband would surprise me with on V Days honestly, I never feigned surprise though I tried.