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You were created by a great God to do great things. But without confidence you will never fulfill your destiny.

It is important, however, to remember you are to be confident not in yourself but in Christ who dwells in you. Satan tries to steal your confidence, but you must resist him at all times. If he has tormented you with fears about your worth and abilities, boldly remind him God is with you and you are equal to anything.

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It is encouraging to know God is able even when you are not. He has His eye on you and is waiting for you to show confidence in Him.

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Prayer Starter: Father, please strengthen my faith and help me to believe I can do anything You put in my heart to do. Allow me to live with confidence, knowing You are with me every moment. Stuck in a rut? You may need to make some key changes in your life. Joyce explains what these changes are. It's not easy to turn a struggling relationship back around, but it can be done. Learn how to love like never before. At any time you can unsubscribe and remove your consent.

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    I am in awe of what God did. Chains of anger, unforgiveness, and many more were broken. We are enjoying unity in our church. The twenty-four prayer team members have asked me to keep the team. To God be the glory!

    Thank you so much for 10 Days of Prayer. We joined this program in We wanted to let you know the amazing things that have happened to our church since then. It is revived and growing little by little. Member interest in soul winning activity is growing. United in Prayer follows in the track of Days of Prayer and will continue to incorporate and 10 Days of Prayer, programs in which hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have participated.

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    The Bible record of men and women of ancient times presents backgrounds so broad and diverse that every modern person may identify with someone portrayed therein. All who are wise will gain from a study of this record that which will direct, enrich, and guard their own personal life. They will draw courage from those who triumphed, learn from the mistakes of others, and hopefully will be spared the heartaches of those who made unwise choices.

    The word of God treats only briefly the exploits, failures, and successes of the characters it portrays. More detailed accounts are given to us by Ellen G. White in her inspired writings. In a rare manner she catches and applies, with sensitive, divinely guided insight, relevant lessons from the lives of saints and sinners depicted in sacred history. From this voluminous and rich source of materials the brief sketches that comprise this devotional volume have been selected.

    Reach the World is a strategic plan to encourage members to get involved in personal evangelism and soul winning through initiatives like: Mission to the Cities, Comprehensive Health Evangelism, and Total Member Involvement. Every member, every church, every administrative and institutional entity is to do their part because Jesus is coming soon! Practical, inspirational resources for you, your family, your church, and your community. Top Recommended Resources A collection of our most popular revival resources. Revival August 22, Surrender September 9, What is the big Deal about Tithe? Bible Study September 17, Study Bible Characters Have you ever wanted to learn how to study Bible characters?

    Quarterly Day of Prayer and Fasting On the first Sabbath of every quarter, believers around the world unite in prayer and fasting for a deeper walk with God and the mission of the church. Hephzi Our 10 Days of Prayer and the all-night prayer session was a blessing.